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About Irish Stuff.

Old Irish Court Yard. Irish Stuff is part of a plan or vision of a person who likes to decorate, and enjoys decorating with the holidays and themes of the year. This vision started out small, but then increased to more sites. This way each site can be devoted in having that particular theme or holiday. Although the vision is with "stuff" in mind, stuff was just to general and needed to have several stuff sites also. This of course followed the idea of having dedicated sites for holiday's or theme. This visionary also wants to have a sort of branding with the word stuff as it is easy to remember and all you have to do to find the theme is add it then put in the .net. Like Irish theme for also the holiday St. Patrick's Day is Oh, and of course she wants to have sites with the best "stuff" available on the net!

Irish Stuff as you probably gathered from reading the first paragraph is a small family business. We are hoping to expand to even more sites and also make each site filled with wonderfully chosen hand picked items. We do not run scripts like most gift sites out there that also look the same and have the very same products from online store to store. We try and have the most available products to offer to our customers.  We have searched long hours and spent a lot of time gathering information and finding the best prices. We not only want quality items, but also fairly priced that is easily affordable. We also offer some history, graphics,  recipes, and other useful "stuff" on our sites.

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