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Irish Stuff - Some Irish History.

This is only a short history synopsis as Ireland's history is very long. Our information was researched on the web and encyclopedias.

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Ireland's Beginnings

Ireland's earliest people were from the mid stone age, about 8000BC, yes Ireland and the British Isles are old as dirt itself almost. Ireland inhabitants steadily grew productive into making stone weapons and of course weapons and utensils form iron, this of course was almost 8000 years later. Even the Romans had a part of building  Ireland.

Druids and pagans walked the grounds of Ireland before the Christian times. Their societies were lead by upper classes and warriors.

During the 17th century is when the Celtic languages emerged. This is possibly do to the invasion of the Celts. The adoption of the Celtic ways was more growing and adapting not be made to.

Ireland Separates From British Rule

Ireland's history is full of war and despair. It's own existence as a separate country from the United Kingdom is fairly a recent piece of history. 1948 became it's own Governing country separated from the British Commonwealth. Ireland's people have fought for centuries to have their own country back as just Ireland. Northern Ireland still remains part of the United Kingdom.

Ireland's people got widespread after the many migrations to the western part of the world. Mainly the Americas. This was of course due to British tyranny and rule. Also the famine created a large exodus from Ireland. Many American's today research their heritage back to Ireland. Ireland in the 1800's remained a poor country, but the Irish were rich in their folklore.

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The Irish Maintain Folk Cultures

Although the people living in the country differ in the daily lifestyle from the city folk, the Irish maintain their folk cultures. Many are performers in the Amateur musical and dance festivals held in the different counties of Ireland. Their craft based industries provide some of the finest glass, crystal, linen, embroidery, ironwork, knitwear, wood turning, and ceramics sought after.

Ireland's Great Potato Famine

Ireland's most dependant source of food came from the Spaniards. The potato was cultivated in South America and followed through Europe with the Spanish invaders. By the end of the 17th century the potato became Ireland's major crop. The Irish economy became dependant on the

During 1846 and 1848 Ireland's potato crops became infested with late blight (Phytophthora infestans). This disease can also infest the tomato. Ireland's failure to produce good potato crops lead Ireland into a poor state. This is when a lot of people left Ireland to other countries to survive.

Saint Patrick - Ireland's Flower Shamrock

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