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A wee bit of information about Ireland.

Ireland The Emerald Isle

The Irish Flag.Ireland - Irish "Erie" a western country of Europe and is the far most west of the British Isles.

Ireland's Seaside Cliffs.Ireland's fantastic beauty stems from a magnificent Atlantic coastline and the vast hues of green grasslands and hills of the geography, giving Ireland the Emerald Isle name. The location of Ireland has kept it rich in folklore, culture, traditions, and language. Ireland is known for it's Gaelic language and the beauty of it when sung. The tales of fairies, leprechauns, and the Patron Saint, Patrick, who ridded the island of snakes, still fascinate people today!

Ireland's Riches Are Shared

Ireland's Blarney Castle - from above.Ireland with as much beauty and folklore, has given other countries a blend of it's style. With Irish immigrant's migrating to other countries, they brought their traditions with them. Saint Patrick's Day and wearing of the green is widely celebrated in the US and is known in other European countries as well.

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Some of the sayings and customs have blended in with the Americans as with the other diverse cultures of nations that form the country. Also with food, dance, music, and work ethics the Irish have truly shared their wealth to others.

The Irish Maintain Folk Cultures

Although the people living in the country differ in the daily lifestyle from the city folk, the Irish maintain their folk cultures. Many are performers in the Amateur musical and dance festivals held in the different counties of Ireland. Their craft based industries provide some of the finest glass, crystal, linen, embroidery, ironwork, knitwear, wood turning, and ceramics sought after.

The Irish are a  friendly people and have a passion for conversation and hanging out at the local pub, which also is the focal point of the small villages and country towns.

Ireland Shouldn't Be Missed

Irish Country Road. To sum it up Ireland is a beautiful place to live and visit. If you ever get the chance, do visit there. We don't live there, but have been there when we lived for a short time in England. Since you can't make it there in the immediate future then have a look around to get to know a wee bit of Irish ways, especially if you are Irish by decent and want to learn about your past heritage. Or maybe you are just looking to decorate for St. Patrick's Day, that is fine also.

Remember "if your are lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!"

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